Thursday, July 28, 2005

Cake | Fashion Nugget

Overshadowed by the popularity of the played-to-death hit single "The
Distance," the gloriousness of the last half of this album remains perhaps forever hidden from the masses. And yet, the last half of this album is all killer no filler.Witness...

Track 7: I Will Survive
A cover. But not the kind that you pull over yourself on a rainy day.
This is the kind of cover you take off the top of your '68 metallic
baby blue Ford Mustang as you try your darndest to blow your ride's
factory speakers while enjoying the fine fine clothing that Victoria's
women pull out of their closets when the temperature reaches a
comfortable 23 degrees and Cook St Village is abuzz with Starbucks chic
and you can smell the ocean drifting down from Dallas rd.

Track 8: Stickshifts and Safety Belts.
"Stickshifts and saftey belts, bucket seats, have all got to go. When
we're driving in the car it makes my baby seem so far."

Need more be said? Maybe we could add "a lot of good cars are japanese - but when we're driving far i need my baby next to me."

Track 9: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
I have heard this song sung in spanish - so i'm pretty sure that Cake
did not write this. The original is very sexy. This version is sly and
dirty. The kind of song you would never let your daughter date.

track 11: Nugget
The phrase "shut the f#@$k up" coupled with the admonition "learn to buck up,"
stated over a cleanly executed sloppy guitar riff,rattlesnake-esque shaker, and a backup chorus of motown "eww eww." This is perhaps the greatest track on the record. Pure Pacino Scarface attitude without the spiral into a coke-induced demise.

Track 12: She'll Come Back to Me
Pathetic. But brave. The man is desperate, and perhaps disillusioned,
but he is us.

Track 13: Italian Leather Sofa
My head will not stop bobbing. It is too hard to type. And while there
is no actual whip cracking on this track - the little doggies are
gettin' along.

Track 14: Sad Songs and Waltzes
First of all: This song is a waltz. And the waltz is a dance that any
man worth the hair on his chest will agree is both noble, intelligent
and downright sexy.
Secondly, this song is a wolf in sheep's clothing. A scathing "I'm over
you and you deserved it" love song as powerful as anything a criminal
from Johnny Cash's songbook would say.

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