Thursday, July 28, 2005

Stars | Set Yourself on Fire

With Canucks invading the pages of Rolling Stone by the handful (think Arcade Fire, Hot Hot Heat, Broken Social Scene, The Dears), this Montreal based band full of sweet guy&girl duets over cello and 18 layers of guitars still manages to keep the melody at the forefront. And this is why they're at the forefront of my Canadian Invasion. Amy Millan's vocals are breezy without being wispy, gentle without being weak, and strong without being forceful. As for Amy's male counterpart - he's neither whiny nor a power-rocker. Just a good straight ahead singer.

Special Note: The album is very dense upon your first three listens. Do not be scared, the more you listen to it the lighter it becomes.

Key Tracks:
YOUR EX-LOVER IS DEAD: This album-opener has perhaps the best cello-on-the-rocks I've ever heard. Beautiful.

CALENDAR GIRL: You know you have arrived when you can get away with singing through the months of the year.

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