Thursday, July 28, 2005

William Shatner | Has Been

After I was tipped off to Shatner's cover of Pulp's "Common People" I decided to look into this album a bit deeper. I have found gold. At four songs in (out of 11) I was sure this was the best aquisition of the week. By the end of the album I was sure of it! Shatner paradoxically inhabits the arena of melodrama and deadpan simultaneously. Add Ben Folds' upbeat and pop-syrupy production and you've got yourself a great Sunday afternoon. Strike the last track (too much pop-40-country) and you're near a perfect week.

Key Tracks :
YOU'LL HAVE TIME - featuring the lyrics: "Live life like you're gonna die/ Becasue you're gonna/ I hate to be the bearer of bad news/ But you're gonna die"

COMMON PEOPLE - as if Pulp's version wasn't funny and Jarvis Cocker not awkward enough, Shatner knocks this one out of the blue-collar and straight into So I Married An Axe-Murderer status.

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