Monday, August 15, 2005

CBC Radio 3 Podcast

While you're waiting for Radio One to return to regular programming, and for as long as Peter is missing from the desk - I thought I'd take the opportunity of today's strike to make a little plug for Radio 3's podcast.

The podcast is absolutley phenomenal. A beautiful mix of genre-ignorant good songwriting and rock n' roll energy. Case in point: I'm only 15 minutes into Episode 12 and I've been introduced to Hip Hop without the bling by OK Cobra, Art Rock without the same beat as everyone else riding that wave by Pink Mountaintops, and an interview with a guy who describes himself as "the Human Serviette" (yup, its Nardwuar). If you've never downloaded a podcast, do yourself a favour and make this one your first experience - it won't let you down...

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