Sunday, August 28, 2005

U2 @ GM Place April 28/05

Q: How was the U2 Show?

A:It would be enought to say they played Gloria and Bad...

The music was superb and over-the-top, as should be expected nof a band who's been doing it for twenty-odd years. Emotions ran high and everyone sang along. But what really got me was Bono's non-partisan politicking. U2's show's have NEVER been just about the rock - they've been about what the rock is moving us to do. Their songs point away from themselves and fall across our path, forcing us to either step over, or directly into them - and it's near impossible to leave it behind.

Their art is art at its best - an expression so motivated that it will physically move you. Paintings will draw you in and make you look at the world differently. A book will rearrange the very wiring of your brain. U2's music slices through your chest, wraps itself around your soul and shouts "this is the life to live: the abundant one. This is the melody that you are to sing." Forgive the gushing - this ain't meant to deify the Irish lads. The music of Marley and Dylan operates on us in much the same way....

To be more specific it is the fierce hope and aggressive patience of U2 that strikes me most. Case in point: while bono ain't waving that huge white flag he used to carry around circa "Live: Under a Blood Red Sky" it must be noted that there is no argumentem ad hominem in anything he says - the man can preach it in a manner that would have seen the good in Darth Vader way before Luke noticed it. To Prime Minister Martin he had this to say:

"... I am a fan of Paul Martin and I do believe he's a good man and I believe we¹re going to figure this thing out. What I'm talking about for those of you who are new to this is I think he's a great leader for Canada but that's what we want him to do - we want him to lead Canada. We want him to lead the world out of despair and poverty. Canada has a leading role to play and that is possible this year...and I believe that if you people believe in it (spending more on foreign aid to eliminate poverty) I believe that Paul Martin is the kind of person to listen to you...'

That is classy, respectable and honest. Full of hope and girded with patience.

And that was the show.

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