Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bringin' home the bacon

Hil has been working quite hard at the ol' Empress the past two days, which has left me to whittle away the late-night hours keeping up with all the crazy shenanigans that we're throwing at the Place in the next few months and trying to find out exactly what it is I'm supposed to be doing for school this year.

The one thing that I'm dying to get up on this site is a reivew of Al Green's classic album "Call Me." If you haven't heard it, find it now so that by the time I write the review we can nod in agreement with each other eh?!


Sean said...

Hello James Kingsley

Here is Sean, photographer of the bacon image and scientist behind the great bacon experiment. You're more than welcome to use the bacon image, but would you mind either copying it to your own server, to reduce the traffic to mine, or linking it to the Bacon Experiment at http://thingsihate.org/article/340/the_great_bacon_experiment_introduction__day_1?

Sorry for leaving a comment, but there's no email address I could find on your blog.

Sean said...

I didn't want to do it, James Kinglsey, but you don't forced me. No more direct-linking to images. You're more than welcome to copy the bacon and use it yourself.