Friday, September 9, 2005

Christianity and the arts?

"We all agree that there should be more Christian art, better Christian art, and more widely promoted Christian art. But Christian art and artists do not thrive well in small churches. Talented Christian artists are big fish in little ponds. And, well, everyone knows it: Christian art is lame. Once the big fish hit bigger ponds, they die, because they find out that they really were small fish after all."

This event by my good buddy Matthew Davidson is running October 15th and 16th. And dang: it looks like it is gonna be sweet...

more from the website:

"How can Christian artists in the community of Greater Victoria unite around creative and practical initiatives to impact their local churches and communities? How can we build a healthy creative community of artists that can serve as a means of growth, education and encouragement? How can we make art that isn’t lame? How can we enrich our worship and the worship of others?"

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