Sunday, September 18, 2005

Good times at the Luxton Fair

...just got back from yet another fine fair in southern Vancouver Island. This week it was the Luxton Fall Fair - complete with Barrel Racing and some cattle penning (sp?). While there was no Rotary Bingo to be had, the four of us (Hil, Malcolm, Nadia and I) have been able to conglomerate our highlights to form the following top five:

1. A woman with great hair and the boots to match (sorry, we couldn't get a picture).
2. Mini-Donuts
3. A dude wearing an "armchair athlete" shirt like it was nobody's business.
4. Someone "making a noise" on the bleachers so loud their friend turned to look at them - and laughed
5. The concession cheeseburger.

(6.) Honorable mention goes to the barrel racer whose horse fell on her. They say cowgirls are as tough as cowboys and you proved 'em right.


Tiffany said...

WHen is the next fair?

James Kingsley said...

The Rodeo is this May long weekend, and the fall fair is Sept 15-17th...