Tuesday, September 13, 2005

James and School (and stuff)

For my final course at UVic, I have applied for a directed studies course and have started a website to chronicle the course HERE.
While the course has yet to be approved, my hope is that things will be finalized early next week.

That said, if YOU THE READER are finding it a little confusing to keep up with all the additional links and sites that I keep adding to this one - remember that the point to this is to allow you to pick and choose what info you want to keep up to date with! If you don't care about my school classes, don't bother checking it - and don't worry, I won't be offended. I'll be making posts and links to everything on this website and that should be enough to keep you up to date on the Kingsley's. And if you're wondering where Hil is on this site - she will be making and appearance soon (though she made need a little encouragement from you!).

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