Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Long Week

Last week was a pretty long one. It was the kind of week you can spot a mile away but just can't seem to dodge before it runs you over like a deer caught in the headlights.

That said, the weekend brought with it safe crossing to the other side: relaxation. It has been a while since Hil and I have enjoyed two consecutive days with nothing to do and we were re-awakened to the fact that the only thing that makes a day with "nothing to do" more enjoyable is having nothing to do the next day either.

We headed over to our friend Fanny and Daniel's house for the ad hoc Church of Tex/Mex and spent some great time chatting about how the medium affects the message when it comes to spreading the news about community events in the Church. Expect more thoughts on that sometime via this website, a phone call, an email, a face-to-face converation, or a piece of visual art...

I also found out a friend of mine has started blogging HERE - you'll dig the music reviews for sure.

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