Saturday, September 10, 2005

Sweet Victory!

The first week of school is done for Hil, as is my first week of work.

To say the least, it has been busy. But we were rewarded at the end of it all when we found out today that our fight with UVIC bureacracy regarding a $438 course that Hil never attended was waived. How'd we do it you ask? We sent a lot of emails to a lot of people - we nagged away until a few key people made a few key "slips" regarding conflicting policies. At this point we went in for the kill...

We're nice people really, but it sure did feel good to expose a policy that is raking in money from poor students. And at $438 a shot - nice doesn't always cut it.

After we discovered this, we scored a sweet old-school trunk at a garage sale on the way to the church where Hil spent the morning making 180 cinnamon buns to sell at LPC's open house tomorrow. The buns will be sold to raise money for much-needed new ovens in the church kitchen. The first batch came out burnt after 20 minutes - the second batch was uncooked after 55. Needless to say, Hil didn't find the situation nearly as ironic as I did...

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