Monday, October 17, 2005

Art conference "fall out"

For anyone who made it to the recent arts conference this past weekend - it was nice to meet you. Here's to keeping the ball rolling...

Victoria resident/guitar-shredder/blogger Matt Bingham has a fitting post about the "sacred/secular" conundrum over on his blog which is quite interesting considering he wasn't at the conference...
>Read it here

Tim Bailey, a pastor from London Ontario has a pretty thought-provoking take on singing + worship which you can > read here.

And I thought I'd also take the time to mention that the Place is hosting its' fourth annual "Stickman Art Show" in a matter of weeks. Opening night is Saturday Nov 5th and it would be great to see you there...for more info keep watching the arts section of

hope that gives you something to munch on...

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don said...

James ... around the same time as Randy was waxing eloquent ( and he was! ) at the Arts Forum about crossing the secular/sacred divide ... Mike Todd over in Vancouver was blogging about the same things. Here it is for your reading pleasure. If you go to Mike's 'blog and the October archives to October 15th's post ... you find the whole thing + comments:


In our Christian Thought & Culture (INDS 501) tutorial group this week we were talking about art, and getting into the question of whether or not it is transcendental. It was a great conversation.

I shared how as a result of the assigned reading for the class I had modified one of my wacky ideas. I used to say that all stories point to God's Story. Now, I believe all art (true art, whatever that may be) points to the Divine Creator. We talked a little about the whole sacred/secular distinction, Christian art, etc. I told them about my recent attempts to eradicate dualism from my life, and how I no longer see a sacred/secular division in the world. I've been blessed immensely by "secular" art/music, and I've been nauseated by what is clearly "Christian" music. (I believe I said some of it makes me want to throw up. At least I didn't say puke - I'm mellowing.)

Yesterday as I worked at Linwood House I had my iTunes set to shuffle. Out of the blue, up pops Bono speaking about truth in music. Very timely. I blogged about this some time ago, but I had forgotten about the clip.

Give it a listen if you like (mp3 file, 770K)

Elsewhere Bono has talked further about faith and/in music. He says you can sing about the light, and you can sing about what you see from the light. I would modify that to change "sing" to "express yourself creatively". I would also add that when you sing about the darkness, it also reminds us of and points to the light.

Any thoughts on this?

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