Friday, October 21, 2005

Lunch Date w/ Hil

Yup, they serve it just like in the movies.


Anonymous said...

do they pay you for such beautiful advertising? hope you had the cambodian jungle curry!?!
-cbar (he forgot his blogger password so I have to tell you who he is right in the post-cbar's wife)

James Kingsley said...

the "cambodian jungle curry" sounds more like a tropical fever one would want to avoid than the stir-fry it actually is.

as per the free advertising - next time you're in there, let them know i passed you their way and see if you can get me a a free dinner or sumpin' out of it!

and while we're on the free advertising - did i mention the "san pellegrino" made the meal just that much more enjoyable. effervescent water is the way to go folks. its got all the fun and bubbles of pop without the sugar and other crud...