Saturday, October 8, 2005

Thanks Bob

Got to watch the Victoria Salsa trounce the Cowichan Valley Capitals (5-1) last night from a cushy seat in Bob Saunders' (of Saunders Subaru) private suite. Hil and I were standing in line to buy tickets when this guy comes up and asks if we were going to the game. We said "yes" and he gave us extra tickets to his box. Just like that. No questions asked, no introductions made. In fact, we only found out who he was AFTER the game AFTER we made sure we interrupted his conversation with someone else (whom he had also given tickets to)in order to say thank you.

Beside the warm and gushy feelings I've had for humankind since Bob's simple extension of generosity toward us strangers, I should also note that with the money we saved on tickets we were able to ingest a fine specimen of the cardboard-tasting pizza that you'd never buy anywhere but the local arena...

To those of you skeptical of Bob's reason's for generosity - let me underscore the fact that we could've skipped out way before he introduced himself and gave us his card.

That said, in light of his actions, if you're ever looking for a Subaru - I'll suggest you talk to Bob. He seems a good man.

And Bob, if you're reading this: Thank you.

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