Thursday, November 3, 2005

The Diamond is online

Date night just got skewered by the discovery that Neil Diamond's new album "12 Songs" is streaming online here. Please note, someone named "Kathy" has left her copy of Neil's "Hello Again" playing overtop the new album - make sure you scroll down the page, find her profile, and press stop...because I know you'll be setting aside all your plans for the next hour the minute you read this....maybe.

As to be expected, the production is superb - sparse percussion, crisp 12-string guitars, excellent use of the bottom register of the piano, swirling organs, sparkling glockenspiel - but the tone of the album is less introspective than I anticipated. Truth be told, it doesn't seem to really take off until the fourth track (Evermore) and has a tough time keeping focused from there on in.

Stand Out Tracks: Evermore, Save me a Saturday Night, Man of God, Delirious Love (with Brian Wilson)

Bottom line for newbies: If you're not a Neil fan already, this album won't convert you. Buy his "Twelve Greatest Hits" instead...

Bottom line for Diamondheads: This album's not to be ingested all at once. Single servings are much tastier.

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