Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Golden "oldies"

Though I disagree with his choice of Dave Matthews (on account that Dave sounds like he downs a litre of milk, fills his mouth with marbles and then wires his jaw shut before he starts "singing" - nevermind that Kenny G-esque sax player in the band), Matty B has listed some seminal albums of the nineties over on his blog.


King Bing said...

I can deal with the fact that you are a DMB hater, but the band's got skills and talent and "Crash" is a killer album. Let's be honest, Dave is a heck of a lot better singer than Dylan (much as I love him).

James Kingsley said...

sorry man, you're right, the dmb is technically great - but so is kenny g, and you don't find me rushing out to buy "breathless" now do you!?

is dave a better singer than dylan? if you're wearing a robe, holding a candle, watching your posture and following someone else's direction, then yes, dave is a better singer. now, if you're singing from the pit of your stomach, the very edge of your soul, bent over and weary under the weight of this world 'cos you're heading out and goin' it alone like a true maverick, then, my friend, dylan is a better singer.

but i'll forgive you even asking the question...