Monday, November 7, 2005

Holy CBC Batman!!!

A few new shows to check out today - and an old one back in biz...

What: The Hour
Where: CBC Newsworld
When: Mon-Thurs 8 ET 5 PT
Why I'm Interested:
Last season (the debut) was a great mix of balanced reporting/conversing around a great spread of issues that are, or should be, making the news. If you didn't follow George, McBain and the rest of The Hour's crew last season, make sure you jump on it this year.
Best part of last season: In honour of Anne Murray's birthday the show closed with a performance by a drag-queen named "Manne Murray" performing "Snowbird." Too funny.

What: The National Playlist hosted by Jian Ghomeshi w/Shelagh Rogers
Where: CBC Radio 1
When: Mon-Fri 11:30 am
Why I'm interested: In essence, the show is an argument about what music YOU should be listening to. And there's voting involved. Today's top 10 includes the Weakerthans, David Bowie, Kanye West, Joni Mitchell, Sam Cooke, the Arcade Fire and Nickelback (?) among others. This is gonna be good...

What: Freestyle
Where: CBC Radio 1
When: Mon-Fri 2 pm
Why I'm interested: Sadly, the Roundup just didn't have the same umph after Richardson left the captain's seat. This new afternoon shows some great promise...

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