Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Let's Talk

I've been having quite the go over the last few months trying to carve out time with some friends to chat about some ideas/issues that seem to be percolating in the recesses of many of our minds - not quite "burning questions," just the kind you really want to dig into. After about the 77th time I've said to the same friend (sorry Heidi) "hey, we should get together and talk about that," I figure it's time to take some sort of disciplined route to getting these conversations happening Furthermore, Hilary and David's seminar on "food, ecological footprints, and the theology thereof..." at the Place retreat really kicked a lot of these conversations into gear and it would be great to keep the momentum going.

So, here is the "very rough" proposition.

Wednesday nights as part of Smorgasbord we (you, me, and a few others) gather for an open-invite discussion on "Everything you've wanted to talk about in the last few months, but haven't had time to...and a few other things as well." It is looking like Smorgasbord will only be lasting five weeks, so I thought we could boil "everything" down to five general areas:

1. The end of oil/peak oil/the sacred tin can ie. the car (thanks Jo)
2. Local food systems/Ecological Footprints
3. New Urbanism/what can the church learn from the physical places it gathers
4. Tipping Points/Communication/how does the medium affect the message?
5. "Free"/Patronage/ Creative Commons and how the "digital revolution" is changing ideas of ownership and creativity

Each of these topics could be a conference of its own - but the idea is to bat some ideas around, be introduced to a few new things, and take it from there. No fuss, no muss.

One final note: I'm open to having these meetings on a seperate night as there are some other great offerings coming up at Smorgasbord (like Randy on C.S. Lewis and Tolkien, James Prette hosting a "coffee talk") and a few others which I don't want to distract interest from. Perchance we could do the five weeks after Smorg. wraps up. Regardless, let's make it happen sooner than later. Let's talk.


Anonymous said...

sounds good - i'm down. let me know when it's happening.

salud - m.

hcf said...

Wow. I'm posting on James Kingsley's blog. And not only that, I'm *mentioned* in his blog. The honour is too great. Forgive my humble lack of blogiquette, but I deign to reply. I would love such a forum, but your point about other great Smorgasboard topics is a good one. On the other hand, I don't want to book up too many nights. I'm leaning to the 5 weeks after Smorgasboard wraps up.

Ryan Macleod said...

I think this is an awesome idea. I will be there if I can at all.