Tuesday, December 6, 2005


It seems to me that gatherings of the church either a) don't talk about money enough or b) talk about it way too much. Those of us who gather at LPC/thePlace probably reside in the a) category. But I'm sure a middleground exists out there somewhere beyond the overhead, on the other side of ignorance, around the corner from reality. Somewhere past abuses are overcome, and we can deal with the opportunity to live a foolish, reckless life following Christ without having to wince at every mention of the green stuff. To that end, I/we would love your thoughts, links, rants and raves on the subject.

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King Bing said...

The money talk is a big one with me. I feel like our attitude toward it is either blase or obsessive. I feel like our society and we within the faith community are not given sound financial principles or advice to live by. In fact, I belive that most of us are unwise with our finances, myself included and need to be taught proper financial management that is both honouring to the Lord and that makes sense. We need to be smarter with our funds, not succumbing to debt, paying things outright, and not wanting too much too quickly. We desire the things our parents have NOW rather than waiting until we are in a better place whereas they worked hard and acquired nicer things over time which to me seems a more disciplined, wiser approach to spending. Just my opinion...