Monday, December 5, 2005

This is inspiring. And fully do-able. I head about the philanthropic organization through a radio piece Jordan did (which we're working on making available online) a few weeks back. Whether you're looking for easier ways to watch your involvement with charities etc meet concrete goals or a student of new thought and hope, check out - the home of the $5 philanthropist. Here's a teaser...

“My dream for GiveMeaning is that we inspire people to take action. I believe that most every person cares deeply about something, but I’m equally sure that many of us find ourselves doing little for the causes that matter most to us - not because of a lack of desire, but a lack of confidence. I know this, because I’ve felt it, and many of my friends feel it too. We have each thought, ‘How can any of my small efforts possibly make even a tiny dent in fixing the issues I care about?’

My plan is for GiveMeaning to change all this by being able to take any cause or issue and identify a small, but tangible, piece of the problem to fix. I once heard a story where the moral was “if you want to move mountains, buy a shovel.” GivingGroups are like online shovels that make small steps towards addressing big issues. By celebrating the success of these small steps, it inspires us to keep going, and then, who knows? I believe that after a short while, we’ll look back on our path of small steps and we’ll realise that we’ve walked miles. This is my hope for GiveMeaning; people connecting with friends and strangers, united by a desire to achieve a common goal. Not every GivingGroup will succeed and not everyone will agree. But I’ve never felt so excited about the possibility for change that can be achieved by a website called GiveMeaning.” – Tom Williams, CEO



Tom @ said...

Thanks for mentioning us. CARTS, the GivingGroup that Jordan talked about on his radio show is now only a few hundred dollars away from meeting their goal.

They only raised $10,000 last year to cover their entire year's funding and through GiveMeaning in a matter of a few weeks, they've raised nearly $3,000!

It shows the power of each person's small gift working together.

Thanks again for talking about us!

Tom Williams on behalf of the GiveMeaning Team

James Kingsley said...

anytime tom. i'm a firm believer in word-of-mouth and know that the only way to keep word travelling is to keep talking about it. from there, it isn't long before words become action...

James Kingsley said...

jordan's piece on CARTS and GiveMeaning is now avaialbe online HERE

Tom @ said...


I just wanted to thank you on behalf of CARTS and A few minutes ago, CARTS' GivingGroup was completed.. In about ten weeks, we raised 30% of what CARTS raised all last year!

It shows the power of plenty: each person's small contribution working in concert to achieve defined goals that benefit the communities in which we live.

Thanks for the exposure through your blog and thanks to Jordan for his wonderful radio piece on CARTS.

Many thanks,

Tom Williams,
CEO, GiveMeaning Foundation

James Kingsley said...

right on tom! 30% in less than three months is so encouraging to hear about. thanks for keeping us updated. the exposure from my end is only made easy by the enthusiasm and commitment to follow-up on yours.

merry christmas, and here's to the strength of a few joined together in the new year!