Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Big 3

With the season quickly approaching, LPC/the Place has been considering what practices, observances & celebrations we'd like to encourage, direct and offer this Easter season. Being a non-denominational church with Bretheren roots and three congregations predominatley raised in evangelical (if any) christian surroundings, the awareness of a church calendar consisting of anything more than the "big three" (Christmas, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday) is relativley low. Shrove/Fat Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday & the Tenebrae are all unknown territory for many* and the question remains as to which, if any, to adopt this year. And once that is decided, the question remains as to how to suss things out from there; what would it look like to observe such practices within the community of Gordon Head?

Lenten meditations are underway on an informal level, and we're expecting a great turnout for our sunrise service again this year, but I've been very keen on the idea of introducing a Tenebrae service (though the word "service" strips the night of it's amazing need for particpation in the handwashing) in that it is so easy to plan and involves everyone willing to participate. Not to mention the sheer weight of the Christ's death it communicates.

As the weeks progress I'll try and keep you updated on where things are moving. For now I'm throwing it out here for your comments, suggestions, and general knowledge. Consider yourself invited to dialogue as we move this discussion forward...

*Raised in the Baptist stream of things myself I must say that I didn't discover anything outside of the big 3 until I stumbled into an Anglican Church for their Tenebrae celebration on Maundy Thursday about 4 years ago. To say the least, I was shocked; shocked that I'd never heard of such a practice, and shocked by the impact such a symbolic act had upon me.

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ron said...

James, having had my roots in the Anglican tradition, and have drifted away from there...but still actively pursuing my faith journey. I found the Holy week journey a very powerful experince...expecially the foo washing on Maundy Thursday. The journey may not attract a huge following...but for those that can be eye opening, spiritually.