Monday, January 30, 2006

Blackspot Shoes

Hot on the heels of my post about (Product) Red I'm happy to bring your attention to Blackspot Shoes. A company on a mission to establish "a new era in ethical, worker-friendly, environmentally friendly production in the shoe industry."

That a company might be able to turn a profit by using recycled tire-rubber for soles, organic hemp for material, and sweatshop free labour to create is encouraging to see, and after waiting years for this movement to begin impacting the market I'm happy that beacheads such as this are being established. And that prices are coming down (without lowering standards in production) is welcome as well.

That said, I think Blackspot would find it's shoes on the feet of more souls if they'd drop their "anti" stance toward "anything-corporate etc." They've got a great product - they don't need the smear campaign to sell it.

To Kalle Lasn and the rest of the Antipreneur campaign: The idea behind an ethically produced brand is pure and noble and true: don't waste your time pointing your fingers - keep them busy stitching shoes and producing more great products! Let's call a spade a spade. When you say Blackspot is an "anticorporation" you really just mean its a corporation with ethics don't you?

And while I think I know what you're getting at with the "Sweet Spot(for kicking corporate ass)" adbusterstaught me that a corporation is nothing more than the people who make it up - it is not a person, but persons. In light of this, why not tweak the rhetoric aimed at physical confrontation (our foot, their ass) and instead highlight the confrontation of ideologies driving the spirit of ethics behind Blackspot. No need to add injury to insult.

P.S. Forgive my little "jam" to your add, I just think it'll sell more shoes. And by the way, I wear a size 10.

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Jord said...

Cool James, I might pick up a pair. They sell them at Utopia eh?