Thursday, January 12, 2006

Direction vs Destination

I've been thinking a little more about my upcoming leadership seminar and have discovered that along with context (thanks Daniel) it is important to ask oneself whether your leadership is meant to direct people along a path shared by/with other leaders or whether your task is to aid someone in reaching a destination they could not have found without your aid. The former (directional leadership) would look somewhat like a mentor-style relationship, or perhaps the direction of a pastor, whereas the latter (destination leadership) would be employed to reach certain measurable goals (and can be much less relational in doing so).

Which leads me with only a few questions...the most pressing being: can I make "servant leadership" somehow start with a "d" ?


Jordan S. said...

displaced leadership?
Downcast leadership?
do-you-want-your-feet-washed leadership?

just a few suggestions.

James Kingsley said...

dynamite! thanks jordan. i especially enjoy the last one!

matthew christopher davidson said...

"doulos" is greek for "slave" if that helps...