Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Depletist/$5 difference

Sticking with today's naturally occuring theme of sustainability, I came across this great design/initiative over at the Canadian Design Resource. The idea is to get people thinking about the power their spending has and asking those tiny questions which, if asked by enough of us, can lead to major change.

I also find it very interesting that both the "depletist" campaign, and (for the $5 philanthropist) have chosen $5 as a small/big enough denomination to effectively promote the "small can equal big" idea - it is just enough to make you think twice about things.

p.s. If anyone can find a website or more info regarding the "depletist" campaign, I'd be more than happy.


cb said...

Hey james, I alrady posted a reply to your comment on Thanks for posting this on your blog. I really appreciate. We are working on gettign a site up and a few other projects. I'll let you know when they are up. Love to hear how the word is doing out on the westcoast.

James Kingsley said...

thansk chris! i'll keep my eyes peeled...

Anonymous said...

soon. It will be a hub to connect all the news/info about the depletist campaign.