Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Course begins tonight

Looking forward to tonight's course (7pm here) on loving God and neighbour(hood) at the Place. I know Heidi, Margot, Ross and Doug have been pouring a lot of work into this thing and I'm excited to jump into things as the discussion begins this evening. If you're still wondering what its all about, here's someof what Margot had to say about it last Sunday night:
"We sometimes hear that despite all the poverty and hardship many people face in places such as Africa people still have closeknit communities and support each other while here in North America we have ‘so much’ and yet we still find we have a lot of lonely, disconnected people seeking after real community. Why is this?

Heidi and Ross and I all attended this course at Regent on suburbanism, neighbourhoods and 'the theology of the built environment' and we were all challenged to see communities differently - and we feel there were some insights that would be worth generating some ongoing discussions here.

In the course we’re offering on Wednesday nights, we hope to talk about suburbia, neighbourhoods, and new ways to plan neighbourhoods, look at maps and quite a lot of photos, including those of our neighbourhood, and of Lambrick. We're going to talk about how we've lost the concept of place to the urgency of time, which has created 'placeless places' like Macdonald's that look the same everywhere. We want to explore how we and Lambrick can seek authentic community. We're also excited to have Doug Makaroff joining us as Doug is an urban planner who has recently come to the Place, and is actually practicing some of the sustainability ideas we're going to be talking about.

…So we hope that you will come and join all us in this conversation about looking at our communities differently and in particular at Lambrick and this community.”

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