Saturday, November 4, 2006

Design Inspiration

Though I'm a little bummed they stole the cheer/plea I've been trying to spread ;) I'm pretty excited to be reading through Architecture for Humanity's "Design Like You Give a Damn" this weekend. There's nothing more inspiring than learning about very practical, responses to disaster and need.


Cameron Sinclair said...

James, glad you liked the book and thanks for blogging on it. We'd been using the 'design like you give a damn' moniker for a couple of years. However we are all about open sourcing our stuff so you are more than welcome to mash-up the cover with your own version.


James Kingsley said...

great to hear from you cameron - the book is continuing to inspire!

and i hope you caught the "tongue-in-cheek'ness" of my comments regarding the moniker. cheers!

and by the way, i am a big fan of your journey down the road of open-source and am very impressed with the strides you're making toward a right and true and fair use of ideas! great job on making an example out of theory...