Friday, November 17, 2006

In defence of the Master of the Pan Flute (as if he needed one)

A confession of sorts: I'm a huge Zamfir fan.

You know, "that guy with the pan flutes." Well, "that guy" is actually a "MASTER of the Pan flute" and he didn't get that title by just sitting around wishing he was in Lynyrd Skynyrd. Nope, he recorded a hit with the James Last orchestra that you all know of by the name "The Lonely Shepherd."And I gotta be honest with you, when Mr. Tarantino used that song in Kill Bill vol 1 and the whole theater sat there mesmerized by the sound of air rusing through reed - I felt vindicated. It certainly made up for the time I tried to pick up a girl in a laundromat (quite a few years ago) by joking about the master.

But I digress. Not ony does "the Lonely Shepherd" rock, Gheorghe Zamfir has also knocked out a stellar cover of "The Rose," "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," and a rare recording of "Ave Maria" - which actually features some vocals. And while you may scoff at this genius pioneer of "Easy Listening," anyone who listens to this man "bend pitches" has got to admit that it ain't "Easy Playing." For a guy who first "learned to play gypsy songs on the accordion while tending his family's goat pasture" he's come a long way.

I've been listening to Zamfir Gold all afternoon and I am in the zone. This music is nothing short of magic. Supertramp doesn't even come close to this kind of wonderful.

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Mom said...

Who would have thought.... you were listening to Zamphir before you were even born....I just LOVE listening to his sooothing & melodic music...puts me in a very tranquil & deep mood...he's my favorite!!!!

James Kingsley said...

well - that's gotta explain it all now doesn't it! it's in the genes i guess...

michael said...

i'm going to go home and cry now. the world is ending. that's all this can mean.

don said...

OK ... now I have somewhere ( someone ) to give Karen's 1984 cassette tape of "Z" to ... the only redeeming factor of this may be that JWDK creates the artwork for Zamphir's greatest hits album/posters?