Sunday, November 5, 2006


After bringing you news of "depletist" and "depletism" a few weeks ago, I'm happy to introduce you to another beauty of a word/idea used to describe those who seek to eat food harvested from as close to home as possible: "Locavore."

It seems the word was created by some women from San Fansisco who were aiming for a "100 mile diet" last August. Since then it has been slowly popping up here and there around the web.

So, in lieu of this addition to our vocabulary, where's your favorite farm/farmer's market on the Island? Hil and I have always loved the Moss St. Market's fare....

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Anonymous said...

I have an interesting word for's called a "Laptopavore"...oh that's terrible..someone addicted to typing on their lap top like me?!