Friday, November 3, 2006

New Notebook/easy being green

In anticipation of next week's course (see full description below) on "Sidewalks in the Kingdom" which Heidi, Margot, Ross and Doug are running, I've started collecting some of the resources which have helped form and inform my thoughts here. Right now the list is quite small but it still serves as a great place to start. And as I hope to be continually adding to the notebook, I would love to hear your ideas, suggestions, comments, or queries. Happy reading!

Sidewalks in the Kingdom - Runs 5 weeks (Nov. 8 - Dec. 6) here - Join us as we explore ideas about how communities are designed and built, the challenges of suburbia or suburban sprawl, new directions in sustainable urban development, and how we as Christians might foster true community. In particular we will be looking at how our location at Lambrick and in our home neighbourhoods affects the living out of our faith. The framework for the discussion will be a course at Regent College based on the book Sidewalks in the Kingdom, by Eric O. Jacobsen.

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