Saturday, November 25, 2006

Victoria's Green Directory (beta)

The website is far from being officially launched, but as kinks are worked out, identities carved and ethos massaged, I would love as much feedback, suggestions, rave reviews, or scathing commentary as possible on the Victoria Green Directory. Feel free to pass the word around, as it would be nice to generate some income via this site one day (in order to better develop it of course) and so the more traffic I can drum up in the next few months, the better. At present, its mainly a large list of links, but the content should fill out soon....

Just think, when this thing goes big (well, as big as being "local" will allow, mind you) you can say you were one of the first....or you can just help me out.

Oh yeah, and if you head over to any of these stores, farms etc, would you let them know the VGD sent you there way please. Thanks.

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