Saturday, December 9, 2006

A day of updates

Well, Hil's been studying for her 5 upcoming exams today, which left me with a good chunk of guilt-free-Saturday-time to update some of the other blogs which I'm involved with. Thanks to blogger's switch to beta.blogger, there's a few new features and some fresh layouts (including labels) over on Poasis and the Locals. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to switch this blog over to a new layout, but blogger's been rolling out the transition slowly.

And as if that isn't enough to make you think I have a personalized pocket protector, I also took the plunge and created a myspace page....I suppose that gives me some cred with 10-17 year olds. The holdout was mainly due to myspace's atrocious layout (cluttered) but too many of my friends have jumped and I'm feeling a little lonely on this cliff myself. Feel free to be my friend, I guess.

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King Bing said...

Sellout! ;)