Friday, December 15, 2006

Sidewalks in the Kingdom/Gordon Head

I missed the last meeting of our recent course on theologies of the built environment (basically, what the Kingdom of God has to do with your Postal Code) , but I just received the notes from the evening and I'm stoked to see that there was A TON of great ideas gaining momentum. The focus of the night was spent discussing the relationship between LPC's historical call and current mission to the neighbourhood within which a near-majority of its congregants live and gather weekly on Sundays (that being, Gordon Head).

Everything from our pre-school to the Seniors' home across the road (and of course UVic in the middle) was covered and it'll be very interesting to see how these re-discoveries of context and callling seep into our sense of mission over the next few months and shape our relationships with our neighbourhood. The hope is to keep meeting and start putting some flesh on these bones to but some orthopraxy into our orthodoxy.

Thanks to Margot, Heidi, Ross, and Doug for the great 5 weeks of discussion and discovery!

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