Thursday, January 11, 2007

BC Ferries at YVR

This is the other photo taken over the holidays that I've been getting a lot of questions about. It was taken at Vancouver International Airport as we were waiting for our final flight back to the Island. I can't quite remember the gate, but if it comes back to my mind, I'll let you know.

Anyway, the thing is, this picture - with the goofy BC Ferry vessels coming in for a landing - sits conspicuously beside 20+ other totally straight, non-photoshopped pictures of Vancouver and area. Whether the artist responsible snuck a fast-one past the administration or not, I got a good chuckle out of it.

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Anonymous said...

funny, one of the last times i was flying over from vancouver there was a family from britain that seemed really taken aback / confused by that photo. the floating ferry is the real wierdness. i guess the point is that vancouver is the hub for tourists for b.c.; you fly in there, and get on a cruise boat, or take the ferry to the island. but i think that picture is by the domestic short haul gate, b19 i think, that flies to victoria. so, if you're already flying to victoria, why would you need to know that you could take the ferry there? anyway, that picture rules in a number of different ways.