Thursday, January 11, 2007

Check. Check. Check.

Ah, the first week back is drawing to an end and I've managed to make it through the ol' email inbox. Thanks for your patience in my delayed response. I'm pretty much caught up with things and am ready to roll into what's gonna be an exciting winter at the Place. We've got with some home-made-dinner-as-thank-you's , new ideas for prayer after the Place, the FIFTH annual Stickman Art show (Feb 16) and a few other good ideas planned so stay tuned to the Place's blog for more info on that end of things.

I also managed to spend some time during my lunch today working on a quick little re-design (and a few new posts) of the Victoria Green Directory. Attention is slowly starting to build and I'm hoping to do up some promo posters for around UVic in the next few weeks. As the site is still in its very early infancy and still forming its identity, I'd love your comments and suggestions regarding anything from usability to content. If you author a blog, especially here on the south island, feel free to talk about it/link to it!

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