Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The End of Hunger

Last night Hil and I were hanging out with a good group of friends we meet with regularly and looking over Jesus' miracle of feeding that large crowd (5000 +) gathered on a hill to figure out what He was all about.

As the night wore on, our conversation turned toward our current time and place and we got to asking what this miracle messes with today. Eventually, the question was asked "Why doesn't Jesus just feed everybody these days?"

To which my wife, in one of those beautiful moments of pure simplicity and truth answered; "He does. Some of us just take more than our share."


ron said...

Hey James I love Hilary's response...I believe there is some real truth there...the real miracle. I spoke on that piece of scripture a few years ago, and not to down play the miracles of Jesus...but let's broaden our redemptive imaginations. Wouldn't it be just as much a miracle, that Jesus could get 5,000 people in the middle of no where to share what little they had. People might have thought they had sown a little that day...but look at the return the Kingdom got. We need to dream my friend.

matthew christopher davidson said...


That is one sharp woman you married.

Just watch me quote you on my blog now!

michael said...

i think perhaps there is a reason that wisdom is feminine is so many languages.