Sunday, January 7, 2007

Pictures from Christmas '06

Well, we're back. It was a good long three weeks and we topped it all off in style last night when an unexpected delay in flights lead to first-class seats for the 5 hour flight from Toronto to Vancouver. I'm now spoiled and will never be able to fly economy again.

Here's a few of the best shots from the trip home for your enjoyment. Please excuse the first few goofy ones, they were just too priceless to leave out. In the next few days I'll get some more descriptions up on each photo if you want to check in at my flickr site. For now, its time to catch up on some sleep. To all our family and friends - thanks for such a wonderful time!


chubs said...

1. sleeman's honey brown -- good call!
2. is that Jann Arden in the hockey game pic?

Mom K said...

James, your sisters are going to KIll you...why does our family look a bit abnormal...see what the East does to you..even Matt has taken on a new must have been your homemade Baileys...but we did have fun didn't we!!!!!...looks like you & Hilary had some needed measure of sanity & pure heaven for the rest of your holiday at the your friends know the rest of YOUR story!!!

James Kingsley said...

mom - when you've got a blog, it is fairly easy payback for those who steal your camera and make goofy faces.

chubs - that ain't jann arden, its the real life version of Peter Griffin from the Family Guy.

Christa said...

Oh just wait bro...payback is how you say a b%...just kidding! I know our family is a bunch of goof balls. As Jer would put it, we are unique, not freaks!
Love ya!