Thursday, September 20, 2007

All Things In Common

The Story (Sarnia) has just launched a new old idea that is nothing short of refreshing, called "ATIC" (All Things In Common). It's basically a community library that deals in more than books, and is way more fun because the spotlight is more on the "lender" than it is on the "borrower" (ie. this thing is more about giving than receiving).

Check it out, and if you're so inclined, think of something you'd like to share yourself and post it on your own blog/facebook/email.

Me, I've just lent out my copy of the 100 Mile Diet, but once it comes back in I'll loan it to the first Victorian to respond to this post.

1 comment:

ron said...

Hey Jame, had a look around Joe's site. Very nicely set up...the finance page was very cool, something more churches should do. And the idea of holding things in sweet is that. Peace...Ron+