Friday, September 21, 2007

Friday is For Playlists | Sept 21st, 2007

Bob ousts Roy for the top spot this week, and the "it's-fall-now-so-I-can-listen-to-them" Doves take over the number three spot from Mr. Mays. As per the rest of the list, expect Sophie Zelmani's cover of Dylan's "Most of the Time" to continue to grab more time along with the Wintersleep offering (if you're in Canada: it's the iTunes free download of the week - download it now!) as they're both included in a 10 song mix I just crafted for Ryan's birthday last night...

In other playlist news:

*Number of songs (total) listened to over the last week: 201
*For the record: I do include play counts from my iPod.

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