Monday, October 15, 2007

Broken Strings Hallowe'en Posters

Darcy's Pub houseband darlings The Broken Strings were looking for a "Hallowe'een'ized" version of an earlier poster we did for them for an upcoming hallowe-en show which happens to be on the dark night itself.

The original (on the left) had a lot going on, so we knew it'd be pretty fun to work with. In the end we switched the cute little sparrow for a Poe-inspired raven, splattered some blood around, added a little lightning to the cloud, distressed the text,viciously pulled the tape out of the cassette, and - of course - added a skull. We're pretty happy with how it turned out and hope you enjoy the spooky makeover...

There's also two other mockups on our flickr site here and here if you're brave enough.

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