Wednesday, October 24, 2007

TTT tomorrow night

If I haven't talked to you personally about this Thurs/Fri/Saturday's Telling the Truth Conference make sure to check out all the details here.

With the conference starting tomorrow (and there's still time to register) Ron just posted a sweet piece on the "local'ness" of it, and Jason was interviewed for Shaw's Channel 11 "The Daily."

Jason's interview is still in the half-hour/45 minute rotation this morning and if you tune in you'll get to hear him explain that art produced by Christians isn't all "cute little verses over cute little kittens."

Note: The Christ/Campbell's is one of the posters I mocked up for directions etc this year. I couldn't believe it's taken me this long to marry Christ with Warhol....

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anton said...

next you could marry christ with faiery. Get a little andre the giant action