Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Will Braun on "leaving" Politics...

It was great to see Will Braun (editor of Geez Magazine) get a lead op-ed on The Tyee this week. In the midst of his open letter to the church in the US (originally publised in Geez #5) there's this golden paragraph of a question:

"What if the church focused on everything except politics? No matter who is president or how slow the Democratic strategists are to "get it," much else can happen: communities can organize, non-corporatized food can be grown on church lots, fossil fuels can be avoided en masse, churches can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enemies can be boldly loved, massive consumer pressure can be exerted on the bad boys and girls of business, and Christians can be a calming, defiant presence in places of violence. Of course policy changes would help in many cases but the point is that there is more power to be discovered and shared at the bottom than grasped for at the top. That's the paradox."

So: how do you/will you answer this question?


michael said...

Some trust in chariots
Some trust in horses
Some trust in legislation
Some trust in public policy

We remember the name of the Lord our God. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

or as David Lowery of Cracker once put it "If you want to change the world, then shut your mouth and get on with it".

Scott said...

James-do you think the church in Canada in thus politicized? Just curious :)
Hope all is well.

PS - I always check your blog when I'm bored in class!

James Kingsley said...

hey scott - good to hear from you...though i guess that means your classes aren't as captivating as they could be ;)

as per the church in Canada being this politicized, i've got to say that it's certainly not something i notice in "my" circles and as such, i can't really speak personally.

as far as the media goes, i think it is safe to say that any politicization that does exist hardly gets as much air time as it does south of the border.