Wednesday, November 28, 2007 / Question of Worth

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As much as I know (and applaud) the heart behind many of these movements, I sometimes wonder if we're creating a false-dichotom - some sort of neo-gnosticism where an objects' worth is found in it's creation, and not in it's use/actual physical attributes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for production on a human scale and agree that our buying habits are out of control - but imagine the creativity and appreciation that would be sparked if instead of "handmade" we focused on creating/purchasing things that displayed elements of the "unique," "thoughtful," or "amazingly useful."

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AJR said...

Or maybe if we focus on creating/purchasing things we actually 'need'. Do I need a fourteenth hand-made bracelet from Tibet? No, of course not. Then it hopefully won't be created and prove wasteful of resources.

Need-based consumerism/manufacturing is an element we need to include in our locally made, hand-produced, organic, etc. language.