Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday Three | Nov 9, 2007

After realizing the error of my playcount ways last week, I've decided to turn "Fridays is for Playlists" into a forum for three of my favorites from the previous week - and this week I'm throwing in a fourth because it's just that dang good.

I'm not planning on featuring one artist for all three each week, but this time 'round Eric B. and Rakim made the cut no question. I'm not sure whether it's a fight against the dreary days of Victoria in November or what but I've busted out the cardboard on my kitchen floor and have been practicing my moves all week...

So, without further adieu: here's the first "Friday Three"

Lyrics of Fury - Eric B. and Rakim / Follow the Leader
Best Line: It's only one capable, breaks-the unbreakable, melodies-unmakable, pattern-unecscapable

I Know You Got Soul - Eric B. and Rakim / Paid in Full

Microphone Fiend - Eric B. and Rakim / Follow the Leader

Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure - The Weakerthans / Reunion Tour
John K. Sampson and the rest of Winnipeg's The Weakerthans are probably the only band alive who can write a beautiful song from the point of view of a cat.

Best line: It had something to do with the rain leaching loamy dirt, and the way the back lane came alive—half moon whispered, "go."

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