Thursday, December 27, 2007

8 Trends & Predicitons for 2008

1. Pocket Markets are the new Farmer's Markets
FoodRoots' pocket markets really took off this year and I've no doubt these DIY portable produce stands will keep popping up at offices, campuses and parking lots around town. If you want to start a pocket market in your neighbourhood, check out their new toolkit.

2. LessEnough is the new Green
"Green" will lose it's freshly-marketed-luster and we'll see a rise in those choosing to simply live with less. Expect a rise in Library use, the sharing of (push) lawnmowers, a backlash against packaging, and a general trend toward contentedness.
(thanks to Tom for the change from "less" to "enough")

3. Your backyard is the new Africa
Philanthropy, charity, help, generosity, duty: whatever you want to call it, it's on the rise. Expect the growth in homegrown solutions overseas (like CFHI's work with/in Ethiopia) to trickle down and make people realize that we can turn our attention to the problems in our own backyard (poverty, houselessness, greed) without turning our backs on Africa. Check GiveMeaning's Canadian causes for a taste of what's to come.

4. Your Neighborhood is the New Stripmall
This is probably a bit early still, but I really believe that a return to the traditional neighbourhood, where a good chunk of your social and dietary needs can be found within walking distance (or less than a five-minute drive), is a future we're going to see sooner than most of us expect. Trendy neighbourhoods are, well, they're trendy. And while this trend might just lead to packaged suburbs less reliant on cars (think less mom-and-pop caf├ęs and a Boston Pizza/Starbucks combo instead) at least we'll be getting closer to each other....

5. Frustration is your new iPod
Your iPod will be up/outdated within three months of when you purchased it. Link.

6. Fruit Trees are the new Ornamental Trees
Vancouver's move to lining some of it's streets with fruit bearing trees is more than common sense: it's a recipe for civic pride, food security, and some great pie. Here's to your neighbourhood following suit.

7a. U2 is the new old U2 .
Finally overcoming a few years' worth of progressively less-than-sharp albums, U2 will issue an album with teeth. It will be mature and epic, and sound like a freight train tuned to the key of E.

7b. U2 is the current U2.
Continuing their string of "good melodies buried under lackluster vision and production" U2 will release another album that nobody will marvel at. We'll enjoy it to some extent, but we'll still be waiting for the boys to strip it all back and drop an album of tracks that are unforgivably raw and written from the deepest corners of the soul.

8. Dinner at home is the new dinner out
Life will slow down this year and the return of the casual dinner party (ie. not a big deal, just good/new friends and good /comfort food) will return in style. If you're around town, drop me an email and Hil and I will have you over for dinner.

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VeganVixen said...

I hope most of these come true. (Although I don't have an iPod...but I do have a push mower!)

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