Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"Emerging Church" = Less Talk, More Rock

It's nice to (not) read that talk about talk is coming to an end as practice begins to trump semantics.


the weary pilgrim said...

Hey James, I haven't done any surfing around my regular reads for a couple of weeks, so thanks for the heads-up on Kestser and jordon's musings. I think they are spot on...and I know others are feeling the same.And thanks for the comment and the shot of encouragement over at my site. My fear is I'll turn into a cynic, and I don't want that.Hopefully if I continue, I can still add to the conversation, nurture it. We all know the conversation has provided more than enough fertilizer ( not shit )'s now a season to see some real fruit. And, yes, let's do lunch. Let me know when you have a free Monday coming up. Peace...Ron+

chris said...

Yeah - I'm ready to be a better church as opposed to just talk about doing church better.
When my mom and dad were at seminary in Elkart with all of us for a year (talking politics of Jesus with the Anabaptist big wigs), their student / faculty groups would alternate between deep theological discussions one week and Amish barn raising projects the next.
Maybe its time for some radical evangelical barn raisings around here?