Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday PlayList | NY Flow with Trumpets

Cat Power - New York
I've been all over Cat Power's latest release, "Jukebox" since, well, since I picked it up yesterday. It's a perfect album for candles and low light and this opening take on Sinatra's classic is a good indicator of the rest of the album.

Shad - Compromise
A slower groove from London Ont emcee Shad, this track's got pieces of Talib Kweli and a great groove behind it. For a throwback to Digital underground (and a rad flow at the end) make sure to check "The Old Prince Still Lives at Home"

Hayden - Where and When
This one didn't really catch me at first, but the trumpets at the end had me back for a second listen. Since then, the bass line's been growing and the little shufflebeat keeps calling me back

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