Thursday, January 31, 2008

Priority Reading

Whether you're a marketer, an artist, designer, lawyer, soccer mom, pastor, librarian, telemarketer, musician, student or something else, there is gold to be mined from the following three websites

Each site focuses on a different medium, but their quips, riffs, quotes and lists contain advice which can easily relate to a myriad set of circumstances on an almost daily basis. I'd highly recommend adding each to your RSS reader (what is RSS?) or at least checking in often.

Seth's Blog
Main focus: Marketing and the spread of ideas
Mantra: Ideas spread because they're good ideas
Favorite post from the last while: Just Say It

Katya's Non-Profit Marketing Blog
Main focus: Non-profit marketing
Mantra: Know your audience, never inspire without providing a way to take action immediately
Favorite post from the last while: No Excuses!

Smashing Magazine
Main Focus: Design, namely web and graphic design
Mantra: We'll give you lots of lists of lots of great design
Favorite post from the last while: 10 principals of effective web design

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