Monday, February 25, 2008

3:21 L'amore

Watching U23D over the weekend I was reminded of the utter beauty of the 3 minute 21 second mark of "Miss Sarajevo."

Though the line isn't sung by Bono, and the song isn't even technically a U2 song (U2 + Brian Eno w/ Pavoratti = "Passengers") when Pavarotti hits the "L'Amore" I crumble every time. Actually, it's more like I shatter. The crescendo does one of those things to you where you don't know whether to scream for joy or yell out in sorrow. It's so beautiful it's terrible, and half of heaven pours through the gap rent between.

Passengers - Miss Sarajevo

Also worth waiting for:
- The ~1:25 mark of Van Morrison's "Into the Mystic"
- The 4:01 mark of Radiohead's "Let Down"


Nathan said...

Great blog. Found you on Josh Brown's.

Didn't know too many people who knew about the Rufus Wainwright blackout deal.


James Kingsley said...

Glad you found your way 'round here nathan! and yeah - the blackout's a great idea eh?! simple, fun, and symbolic of the greater changes we can make when a lot of us do a little !

Malcolm Johnson said...

also: ~ 2:30 of "killer parties"

James Kingsley said...

good call malcolm....

i'm pretty sure we partied.