Friday, February 8, 2008

Should you make a big deal about something you think is no big deal

There's a conundrum for you.

How do you discuss/argue against the weight of importance placed upon something you don't find it deserves.

I can't even think of the right way to frame that question, and I thought writing it down might help. But it hasn't.

There you go Andy. There's your requested post ;)

p.s. This loosely formed question has been spurred on by some recent discussions about "liturgy vs tradition" and will probably be fleshed out a bit more in an upcoming bit about the evangelical practice of communion. Sit tight, it could get fun.


AJ Renton said...

Thanks for the post Jimmy. I knew you could do it.

Maybe if you put a question mark behind the question it would help you out. It may just feel incomplete because of that very reason.

As for your conundrum, I cannot give you an answer. Partly because I don't understand what you are asking. my brain is fairly limited.

James Kingsley said...

thanks andy? i'll make a note of ensuring i'm using the proper punctuation from here on in?

i'm really just hoping to scratcthe surface in advance of some thoughts about affecting change in a manner that is more evolutionary than revolutionary (thanks to kester brewin for that distinction).

hopefully it'll become clearer as time progresses ;)