Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Playlist | Radio2's Concerts on Demand

In one of those "it couldn't have existed because I didn't know about it" moments I stumbled upon CBC Radio 2's Concert on Demand page today and have been working all morning to the live sounds of some of Canada's greatest musical talent.

Jeff Healey All-Stars and Jazz Wizards at Palais Royale June 27, 2007.
After Jeff passed away last month I've been really enjoying his jazz work. This concert is a prime example of the fun he was having these past few years.

Meaghan Smith at the Frederickton Playhouse, Feb 08,2008
This performance is filled with smokey jazz with inflections of folk and some great french accordian.

Funny note: I grew up around the corner and went to school with Meaghan. I can't say I've heard from her maybe this is more a "knew her" than it is a "know her" kinda thing. Either way, it's great to hear her performing with such great tunes.

Bad Timing by Jim Cuddy (w/ Kathleen Edwards on bgv), live at Kingsfest, June23, 2007

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